Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekend

Went pretty well. Saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie which was ok. Not my favorite but it was pretty good. Had tons of fun with our friends KC and Chis. We also got some stuff for Dillon's graduation party. Exciting! 
I am super tired right now so if this ends up being really short please forgive me. 
KC also gave me several things for the baby (not to mention the AWESOME bday gift she got me). She got me a mommy pampering kit from Earth Mama Angel Baby (love it!) for my birthday and she gave me some gender neutral clothes (mostly onesies with long sleeves which is awesome since I'm due in December) and a boppy (the thing to help support you and baby while feeding). She was super sweet and told me that she has more stuff for me once she finds it all. :) What a wonderful friend! She has got me all excited! 
Sorry but anything else I was going to say has escaped me at this moment so I'll make sure to get up in the morning and try once more. Lol. NIGHT! 

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