Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, I love my hair! Got it cut last Friday! Its cute, short and EASY! LOVE IT SO MUCH!
I hate talking on the phone to nosy people!!! They get on my nerves, especially when they don't SHUT UP!!! "I'm not trying to get into your business" while they are steadily asking questions. That information is between me and my husband. If I want you to know then I'll offer the fucking info, if not DO NOT ASK!!! How hard is that to understand? UGH! Not to mention that they think I'm f*cking STUPID!!! I HATE that!! I'M NOT STUPID! I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention that my husband isn't where he is supposed to be, that makes things sssooo much better.
So, my search for a new car has come between a newish Chevy Traverse or a Honda Civic. I want the Traverse sssooo much, but the Civic is sssooo much more affordable. The Civic will probably be the way that we go. If I can do anything, I might as well quit my job and say fuck the world. I'll live off food stamps for the rest of my life. Why not? Thats all I'm worth, right?

Ok, I'm done.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I am a little nervous but I am getting my hair cut today! I have had long hair for most of my life, though I have gotten tired of it (like now) and chopped it off. Well, chopping my hair for me has always been NO shorter than my shoulders. Call me chicken if you want but I will not have my hair shorter than my shoulders. I am really not sure what I want to do with it, it needs to be able to be put up but also to where I can do something different with it every now and agian. I am a nanny so its not like it HAS to be done up everyday. I am, however, a newlywed so I need to look cute for my hubby when we go on a date. How rare those days are though. LOL, Im getting off topic. Anyway, I have made up my mind to cut it, just what to do I have no clue. Almost like the car thing. Ugh. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ok, its been a while so this one may be long. Have patience.

My bridal shower was the 16th of October. Some people didn't show because they had to work, understandable. Some didn't show because they didn't have a gift, ok but just showing up would have been nice but ok. Others however, didn't show up because they had a concert they wanted to go to . . . enough said. Right?

The rehearsal was simple. Parents and the bridal party. Fun! It really was, we had pizza sat around a fire and talked way into the night!

The wedding day was . . . CRAZY! People that said they were going to help set up never showed. The tents we borrowed didn't have directions, or even all the pieces! The groomsman lost the signs that point the way to the wedding. The lady that did my hair got lost (refer to ^) and as result was late. There were RUDE people; they said some very nasty things about some friends that aren't 'white' . . . again, enough said! And then my cousin tried to start a fight!!!! AT MY WEDDING!!!! Ugh! I coulda kicked his butt! But . . . it was still a GREAT day! It was a beautiful day, I felt beautiful and my hubby :) looked AMAZING! The cupcakes were awesome and we had fun!

We were glad to have the stress taken away! We got to go on a honeymoon to Gatlinburg, TN! That was ssoo much fun! We walked around the shops, listened to bands play, Tommy got a tattoo, and we took ssoo many pictures (well for us anyway). We rode the tram and sky lifts. He also got to try moonshine, which is now legal in Tennessee. We made a deal to go back for Christmas, I want to ice skate and he wants to ski or snowboard. Whatever we do it will be fun!

But, I come back and we find all three of the dogs in a cage, TOGETHER! They hadn't ate in at least a day or so, much less had any water. The cats had chewed up everything and dumped out the litter box and used the rest of the house as their bathroom! Then Rocky (MinPin) gets into a fire-ant bed and has an allergic reaction. Which we find out later that could have been fatal! So, we spend $150 that we don't have. But he is ok now and we are still working on getting that nasty smell out of the house.

Not to mention my car died two days ago. So I am in the market for a new car and no way to get one especially if I cant sell this P.O.S. I am not really sure what to do!

Oh well, I'll figure it out. Going tomorrow to get my name changed, officially! SSOO excited!



Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, Tommy got his job! And in about a year he will have his own office where he wants! So exciting! He likes it, which is the best part. To be honest I think he just likes the fact that he has a job and isn't sitting at home expected to cook and clean.

Yesterday I went to his mom's house and we went through Jaden's clothes to give some to Ashley for her girls. Jaden is Tommy's cousin, Dillon's brother Matthew's daughter. Matthew and his girlfriend needed help so they asked Tommy's mom to watch Jaden for them. Jaden ended up living with them for the better part of two or three months. They did everything for that girl with no help from the parents, not even on food and diapers. Which was fine, together the five of us did everything we could, with help from other family and the church. We had all talked about wanting to keep Jaden and adopt her. But we couldn't just yet because her mother was pregnant with another baby. 

I suppose you would have to know Matthew and his girlfriend to understand, Matthew is a sorry piece of shit that refuses to get a job or take a bath. Jennifer, Jaden's mother, is state certified (gets a check) retarded. The day Jaden was born the nurses called DFACS because they did not believe that Matthew and Jennifer were capable, competent parents. Jennifer didn't even have the strength to hold Jaden who was almost a year old and still weighing 15lbs (she hadn't made it onto the growth chart yet!). 

Anyway, Tommy's mom and dad and Tommy and I spent every second with that little girl that we could. I had hoped to one day call her mine or at least my sister-in-law. But one day Matthew and Jennifer came down wanting to take Jaden to see his mother and they never came back. We had tons of clothes, toys, food and other baby necessities. They did not even get her medicine (Jaden was very constipated and had went to the doctor for it). We have gotten to see her once or twice before her mother moved to North Georgia with her family and we aren't allowed to see her. Its sad really, I love that little girl. 

Anyway, we went through all her clothes to give to my friend Ashley's little girls. I haven't got to see them yet but I am hoping that I will get to keep them sometime soon. Seeing everyone else with babies makes me want one but I know I need to finish school first. Tommy's mom said that she can't wait for us to have babies, which didn't help any. I do know that I need a better job, a place of our own, and better cars before we even think of having a baby. Still, its always right there. 

Ugh, I have sssooo many things to do for the wedding that is in nine days. I am getting excited and nervous (but not cold feet!). I hope everything goes perfectly, and even if it doesn't its okay. I will be getting married to the man I love. 

Have a good day!


Monday, October 11, 2010


Tommy has an interview today! Its with Kingco Promotions, INC. out of Kennesaw. I am hoping all goes well! The only thing is if he gets this one he will have a major commute until we can afford to move. That wouldn't be a bad thing. I am super excited for him! Please keep your fingers crossed!

Megan finally got her dress yesterday! It wasn't the one I wanted her to get but I did tell her she could choose. I'm not complaining, now her and Katelyn both need shoes. That is something they have to do on their own.

12 days until my wedding! OMG it is coming up SO fast! The bridal/wedding shower is this Saturday! I am excited! I am starting to worry how things are going to work out but I am trying to do my best not to freak out. There is still so much to do!

I feel so alone right now. All the dogs and cats are asleep and Tommy is gone; its TOO quiet! I am not used to this! I am tempted to turn on the T.V. just so it can keep me company! I suppose I should enjoy this while I can, but for some reason I cant. LOL. I think I'll get a shower and then everyone should be up. Have a good day!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

14 Days To Go!

Tommy got two interviews this up coming week! We are totally excited! Only two weeks left until the wedding and it finally seems like things are going to go okay. I'll be honest, I cant wait for this to be over! All this stress for something that takes only minutes! Now he wishes he'd've consented to going to the courthouse. Oh well! 

We did go for a walk yesterday! Good for us! We took Rocky too. He say his first fire hydrant. It was hilarious! He randomly started barking and I looked around for another dog or a bird, something when Tommy said, "I bet its the fire hydrant." And it was! He did not like it, for whatever reason. I laughed at him! What else could I do? 

He obviously takes after Tommy, they both HATE the cold. I opened the back door to let the dogs out and he REFUSED to budge! I was standing there doing 'the potty dance' begging the dog to go out when I finally pushed him out the door and ran to the bathroom. Before I could  get to the end of our very short hallway he was scratching on the door saying 'LET ME IN!' He came in shivering, so I put his hoodie on and Mighty Mouse's (my dad's Chihuahua)  shirt on him. Kitty (the pit or mix -we really aren't sure) looked sad when I told her to come in, she takes after me.

It feels so weird having a weekend! I am so used to working Saturdays and Sundays I am not really sure what to do today. I did have plans but my sister bailed on me, again. I love her but she is at 'that age.' You know what I'm talking about. Her boyfriend is what everything else revolves around. LOL. I remember those days!

Bulldogs play today, again. I hope they do better. Not that I am usually a big football fan, but I am partial to UGA. Wish I would have had time to clean the house yesterday and we'd be having people over for the game instead of a bonfire. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Ugh, we have a lot to do if we really are having people over tonight. I just don't feel like it, not anymore. Oh well, we'll see.

Have a good day!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

What A Day!

Today we find out why Tommy never heard anything from Rockdale or Atlanta. He was black flaged by the Navy because of his back and they wont take it off until he has his surgery but they wont pay for it. How am I supposed to be able to pay for an $800,000 surgery? Ugh! Just what I needed 16 days before the wedding. That puts EVERYTHING on hold. I am worried it may put off school even longer than I already have.

Onto another subject. We have decided to start excersing, again. I have lost a little weight by cutting out caffeine and playing tag with Patrick and Elisabeth (I am thier nanny). I am hoping that we can bring along Rocky and get some of that energy out of him.

We got our engagement pictures in today. I like them, for the most part. Now we can finish the slideshow for the wedding. Plus we will finally have updated pictures of us. Now we just need another couple to hang out with, it gets old hanging with single people who don't understand the concept of a unit.

Gosh, I have a lot left to do for the wedding and no time. More money wouldn't be bad either. LOL. Paying for your own wedding is a pain. My suggestion is to go to the courthouse and then throw a party. Much simpler. I hope the weather stays the same so we can have it outside.

Then again I cannot wait for the cold to come! I LOVE the cold! I get to buy new clothes this year. Tommy needs some too so I wont get everything I want but that could be worse! The leaves turn a beautiful color and candy and lots of food are expected! LOL.

I hope you enjoy this fall!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I will be married in 17 days! I am super excited! Tommy, my hubby-to-be, is most wonderful and I could not ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with! Rocky, my child (though he is a puppy) means the world to me! He makes me laugh and smile (almost as much as Tommy). I love them both but, at times they can try my patience! LOL. I suppose that is just the nature of males.

Recently I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some friends! I hope it will work out! I need a good girlfriend to spend the day with. I love spending time with Tommy and Rocky but sometimes a girls day is what I need, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Well, both my guys look tired and I have to work tomorrow (like every weekday) so I'd better scoot. G'night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!