Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ok, its been a while so this one may be long. Have patience.

My bridal shower was the 16th of October. Some people didn't show because they had to work, understandable. Some didn't show because they didn't have a gift, ok but just showing up would have been nice but ok. Others however, didn't show up because they had a concert they wanted to go to . . . enough said. Right?

The rehearsal was simple. Parents and the bridal party. Fun! It really was, we had pizza sat around a fire and talked way into the night!

The wedding day was . . . CRAZY! People that said they were going to help set up never showed. The tents we borrowed didn't have directions, or even all the pieces! The groomsman lost the signs that point the way to the wedding. The lady that did my hair got lost (refer to ^) and as result was late. There were RUDE people; they said some very nasty things about some friends that aren't 'white' . . . again, enough said! And then my cousin tried to start a fight!!!! AT MY WEDDING!!!! Ugh! I coulda kicked his butt! But . . . it was still a GREAT day! It was a beautiful day, I felt beautiful and my hubby :) looked AMAZING! The cupcakes were awesome and we had fun!

We were glad to have the stress taken away! We got to go on a honeymoon to Gatlinburg, TN! That was ssoo much fun! We walked around the shops, listened to bands play, Tommy got a tattoo, and we took ssoo many pictures (well for us anyway). We rode the tram and sky lifts. He also got to try moonshine, which is now legal in Tennessee. We made a deal to go back for Christmas, I want to ice skate and he wants to ski or snowboard. Whatever we do it will be fun!

But, I come back and we find all three of the dogs in a cage, TOGETHER! They hadn't ate in at least a day or so, much less had any water. The cats had chewed up everything and dumped out the litter box and used the rest of the house as their bathroom! Then Rocky (MinPin) gets into a fire-ant bed and has an allergic reaction. Which we find out later that could have been fatal! So, we spend $150 that we don't have. But he is ok now and we are still working on getting that nasty smell out of the house.

Not to mention my car died two days ago. So I am in the market for a new car and no way to get one especially if I cant sell this P.O.S. I am not really sure what to do!

Oh well, I'll figure it out. Going tomorrow to get my name changed, officially! SSOO excited!



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