Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laundry . . .

is most definitely on the top of my list today! Addison has done everything but pee on me (so far) today. She has spit up on almost all of her clothes in the past two days and even managed to come out of the diaper once. :( Having a limited amount of clothes is the only thing I don't like about staying at my mom's. Its a really small thing to complain about, I have to do laundry anyway I just wanted to wait until tomorrow and get it all done in one whack. She apparently has other plans for me. Lol. 
I am so proud of myself! I walked a mile last night and have done half a mile today. I plan on going and doing the other half later with some company (or at least someone to watch Addison for a little bit). Now that I have been cleared by my doctor I am ready to get back into shape and get ready for the Susan G. Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure. My mom and I did it last year for Mother's Day and had a blast. I believe we are going to make it a tradition. I am hoping that we can beat our time from last year, so I have to get started. I'm honestly excited. I couldn't wait to start exercising again. I'm weird I know. :)
Its hard to believe its been six weeks. It goes by so fast. And she has grown so much. She went from this:

To this in just 3 weeks. 

And this in just 3 more.

What am I gonna do?

Oh well, she is getting hungry so I gotta go! 
Happy Saturday! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Confessional

I confess . . . 
I love being a mom!
It is the best feeling in the world!
My little girl's gummy grin always makes my day!

I confess . . .
Its because of her that we are looking to find somewhere else to live.
I am not comfortable with the way things are going at my house right now.
I should  be able to be comfortable in my own home.

I confess . . .
I am having more issues with my grandmother by the day.
I thought we had everything worked out.
Apparently I was wrong.

I confess . . . 
Tommy and I have been staying at my mom's. 
Sleeping on the couches.
Just so we don't have to put up with my grandmother and her creepy boyfriend. 

I confess . . .
I don't mind her having a boyfriend.
I just don't like this guy.
He is creepy and rude. 

I confess . . .
It worries me that she is bringing this man into our home because . . .
She has only known him for 3 months and
She met him off the internet. 

I confess . . .
I'll be friends with someone online
But I will not go out and meet them, and def won't take them to my house!
They could be a pedophile or psycho! 

I confess . . .
I am shocked she hasn't thought of this.
She has worked in law enforcement for over 20 years.
Kinda makes you wonder huh?

I confess . . .
I really don't know whats up with her lately.
She is being rude and demanding.
She is def not the woman she once was.

I confess . . .
I don't mind doing the cleaning and cooking around the house.
I do however mind being demanded to do such on her schedule.
I am a mom and a student. My daughter comes first, then my studies, then the rest of the stuff.

I confess . . .
I have a feeling when we leave its gonna be ugly.
We stayed because she asked us to.
But when she know how that guy makes me feel and she is still willing to bring him into my home (with myself and my newborn daughter, without Tommy) its crossing the line.

I confess . . .
I feel like she has chosen this guy over family.
The sad thing?
I'm not the only one who thinks that.

I confess . . . 
We are all shocked at her actions.
She is acting like a careless teenager with raging hormones.
Not a responsible great-grandmother who had a hysterectomy 40 years ago.

I confess . . .
My younger sister is more responsible than my grandmother.
It makes us all uncomfortable.
My mom is pissed at my grandmother for acting this way- so am I.

I confess . . .
I thought you were supposed to get wiser with age.
Not dumber. 
Apparently I was wrong. 

I confess . . .
It feels good to be blogging again.
I really should take time each day to write a little something on here.
Even if its just talking about Addison.

Hope every one has a Happy Friday!