Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laundry . . .

is most definitely on the top of my list today! Addison has done everything but pee on me (so far) today. She has spit up on almost all of her clothes in the past two days and even managed to come out of the diaper once. :( Having a limited amount of clothes is the only thing I don't like about staying at my mom's. Its a really small thing to complain about, I have to do laundry anyway I just wanted to wait until tomorrow and get it all done in one whack. She apparently has other plans for me. Lol. 
I am so proud of myself! I walked a mile last night and have done half a mile today. I plan on going and doing the other half later with some company (or at least someone to watch Addison for a little bit). Now that I have been cleared by my doctor I am ready to get back into shape and get ready for the Susan G. Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure. My mom and I did it last year for Mother's Day and had a blast. I believe we are going to make it a tradition. I am hoping that we can beat our time from last year, so I have to get started. I'm honestly excited. I couldn't wait to start exercising again. I'm weird I know. :)
Its hard to believe its been six weeks. It goes by so fast. And she has grown so much. She went from this:

To this in just 3 weeks. 

And this in just 3 more.

What am I gonna do?

Oh well, she is getting hungry so I gotta go! 
Happy Saturday! 

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