Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am such a slacker. I got a kid and a job and completely neglected good therapy! What's up with that?

Well, I suppose a little rundown is in order. Addison is 10 1/2 months old! {OMG, time flies!} She loves the lady that keeps her at the daycare, but I don't love her helper. She has had a constant ear infection in her right ear for a while now and I am terrified that she is gonna have to have tubes! :( I am not breastfeeding anymore :( but that is ok {now}, I am just glad I did it in the first place! 

I did not finish the X-Factor Work out, I did do 7 weeks though and Weight Watchers. So far I have lost a total of 18.6lbs! :) Let me just say that I LOVE WW! It's so EASY and it WORKS! I just need to get back on the ball! I am signing up for a couple 5k races the Aubrae Gunderson Memorial and Hot Chocolate 15k/5k. So excited!

Addison is going to be a Mummy tomorrow! Her costume is homemade by yours truly! It was super easy and cheap! I bought a white onsie {three really- they came in a pack- but its good to have a backup}, some white stockings, a cream headband, cream tulle, and "Freaky Fabric" from Wal-Mart. The necklace was an afterthought {beads were given to me} and the headband is not pictured. I made the tutu with the tulle and pieces of Freaky Fabric. Tea-dyed the onsie and stockings. Tacked the Freaky Fabric to the onsie, and voila! I cannot wait to see her in it! :) I have gotten a lot of compliments, which makes me feel better about not going out and buying a costume. I will post a pic of the beautiful mummy tomorrow! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alive and well!

It has been months since I have gotten on this thing! I do have to say that I miss it very much! Addison is growing so much! She is now seven months old, saying a few words, crawling and pulling up! I did get a job at a daycare, which she also attends. Recently I have started a workout routine. Its the eight week program X-Factor:ST by Weider. Currently I am on my last day of week two. :) I am proud of myself for continuing to do this where as I haven't other times. I know now that I have more of a reason to than anything! I don't want Addison to grow up and be like me, overweight to the point of obesity. I want her to grow up seeing a mom who is fit and healthy. I am also going to start Weight Watchers, today! :)

Just so everyone knows I will try to post at the very least weekly updates on my progress! My starting point was 175lbs (BMI of 34.2). My goal right now is to lose a lb a week for ten weeks. My ultimate goal is to lose almost fifty lbs in order to have a healthy BMI. I am not going to worry about "getting skinny" or getting my old figure back, I just want to be healthy so my daughter will grow up and be healthy also. The exercise part is the easy part! Changing my eating habits is gonna be the hard part, but I can do it! I have a great support system and I know I am gonna need them! :) Care to join me on my journey to healthy living?

* Please note that I am not endorsed or compensated by Weider or Weight Watchers. It is simply the regimes I have chosen for myself. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sorta Nervous

Tommy is going to talk to the recruiter about re-enlisting. I am excited for him and at the same time I am a little nervous. Nothing is certain but today could mark a huge change in our lives. It'll be a good change, just hard. But there wasn't ever anything worth working for that wasn't hard. Gosh, I just can't stand it hardly anymore. I am going to go get him and Addison up and we are going to get started with our day. Wish us luck. 

Happy Wednesday!