Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME! :)

I have had a great birthday so far! My phone has not stopped going off all day with the wonderful birthday wishes. Got to go SHOPPING! I love shopping! My mom took me to get some (much needed) clothes (maternity). I got three pairs of bottoms, five or six shirts and some cute (and comfortable) shoes! So excited! We also ate at Sonny's BBQ (which was awesome!!)! We had a really fun time today. 
I also gave her the birthday present for her birthday (its Tuesday and she is working both Monday and Tuesday). It was bathroom stuff (and it smelled AMAZING). She really liked it so, good. :)
Getting ready to go on our trip to Tennessee. Wedding tomorrow and hopefully a trip to the river. :) I want to go to the beach SOOO BAD! But I suppose the river will do for now. :) Gotta get packing or we'll never make it! 
Happy Friday 13th! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011


So this is gonna be one of those vent blogs. Please be patient. 

Ok, so I LOVE the fact that we are getting to move outta this place. Its in no way SANITARY enough for a newborn and there is NOT enough room for those of us who are here already. Just thinking of all the stuff Baby Bean will need (and eventually get) has me laughing at the thought of it coming here. However, yesterday I wanted Mexican. Tommy agreed to take me out to lunch (since he didn't take me for dinner the night before and it was supposed to be to celebrate our birthdays). Well it didn't happen either. Instead he went with my step-dad to paint the house we are moving in. I got SUPER mad at him ( I REALLY wanted chicken fajitas and I felt gypped we were supposed to be celebrating MY birthday too). So then he proceeded to treat me like a child (as he so often does in that situation) and explain that the sooner we get it all done the sooner we can move outta here and in there. Yes, I do realize that but my fajitas were much more important to me at the time and I did NOT care. As far as I was concerned HE was in the way of ME and MY LUNCH. Not to mention we don't have a mattress for the bed that is gonna be in our room so its not like when they finish painting today we can just start moving stuff in and live there. 
And then today, he knows that I have very IMPORTANT things to do yet he wanted me to run something to a friend of his, I don't even like this friend (long story behind that one). He was also getting pissy with my because his parents (actually his mother, uuugggghhhhhh) changed the plans on coming to get him and didn't let him know. Anyway they ended up coming to get him like they were supposed to so I get to enjoy my few minutes alone here before I have to get ready to go. 
Oh, and then there is tomorrow, my birthday. First just let me say I am his wife, I am pregnant and tomorrow is MY birthday, shouldn't I get to decide what I would like to do? Well, I don't. We are leaving tomorrow to go to Tennessee for his cousin's wedding on Saturday. Yes, I realize she came down for ours and drove back home all in the same day. But she has the money to do that (trust me that girl is loaded), we do not (look at us we are still having to live with people just to live). Yet it does not matter what I say because I have made it blatantly clear I do not want to go (according to him) and we are going. We don't even have a gift for her! I was thinking instead of going and not bringing a gift we not go and send a gift but he didn't like that either. Its all so annoying because we have no where to stay for two nights in Tennessee not to mention we don't have the money for gas and the hotel he wants to get, blah, blah blah, the list goes on and on. 
This weekend was supposed to be our weekend to celebrate OUR birthdays but instead it has turned into Tommy Central Weekend, whatever he says goes. UGH! I am so irritated! This is our last birthdays to spend just the two of us and he is being so mean about it all. I don't mind going to Tennessee but I at least wanna be able to do something that I want to do (if only ONCE the whole weekend) but I doubt thats gonna happen. I can almost bet I'm gonna be tired and cranky and he is gonna get mad at me for it. Basically, I am not looking forward to this weekend. And I haven't gotten to the most infuriating part yet, the dogs. We can't take them with us and it is NOT a good idea to leave them here with my dad (he wouldn't feed them or give them water). No one else we know is gonna watch three dogs that don't behave (they stay outside mostly so being inside they get a little crazy). What exactly is his solution? He says his mom will watch them! I do not want that thing watching my babies! (Sorry really having a rough time with her too) Remember, I am just along for the ride, I'll let him deal with everything since he doesn't ask my opinion anyway its just whatever he says and then I'm supposed to jump and run. 
Now let me say I DO LOVE MY HUSBAND, very much in fact. He is just super annoying at times and I have every right to get mad at him. Usually he is a pretty great guy, even if I don't say it enough. He does a lot of little things that mean a lot to me, that most people probably wouldn't get. Anyway thats my vent.

Took the pics yesterday just have to get them uploaded! Look for them soon! 

Oh By The Way

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eight Weeks Today :)

Today I am eight weeks. Baby Bean is now the size of a Raspberry! So excited! Here is whats going on with Baby Bean this week:

Baby is growing like mad, putting on about a millimeter every day and continuing to straighten out in the trunk. Though you can't feel it yet, baby is moving those little arms, legs, and (now only slightly) webbed fingers and toes like crazy. 
Average size {point}63 in, {point}04 oz
Courtesy of The Bump.

Four more weeks of the first trimester to go! Ten more weeks 'til we can have the 3D/4D ultrasound (and hopefully find out the gender)! Its kinda far away but its getting closer. So if we put back $12.50 each week we'll have the money for the ultrasound and the DVD! How exciting!

Just for fun Tommy and I decided to see what the Chinese Gender Chart said our baby would be. It said boy! We will be thrilled if it is a boy but we will be just as happy if its a girl! I had my preferences but now I just want a happy and healthy baby! We were gonna find out but not tell anyone, Tommy doesn't much like that idea anymore and I'm ok with that. At least telling everyone will ensure that we get all the correct color clothes! 

Began taking pics today! Hopefully I'll have them loaded soon! If they don't show up on here I know they will be on Baby Green's Website! Haven't decided yet to do weekly or monthly pics?? Guess I need to get on that one! 

Craving today: Mexican, specifically fajitas de pollo, with LOTS of onions and peppers! Maybe for lunch!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Godparents . . . And Other Baby Things

Tommy and I are godparents to two twin girls. We love them to death and would do anything for them. However, we do not want the parents of the twins to be the godparents of our child. Instead we would love for our friend in the Air Force to be the godfather (he is single so there is no godmother, yet). Do you think that is bad of us? He does not yet know that we want him to be the godfather and the parents of the twins don't know we don't want them to be. I'm not really sure how to go about this situation because I don't want to cause any hurt feelings or problems. I suppose we have quite a while before all this has to be figured out but its just something that was bothering me this morning.
Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks! So excited. I am going to start taking pictures of myself and the belly (though I don't have one yet) and put them in a scrapbook along with the ultrasound pics and everything else baby! :) I'm not sure if I should do weekly or just monthly 'til I start to show? Decisions, decisions. Another decision is that Tommy and I both agree that we like the red nursery better than the one with all the colors, so even though everyone else voted on the colorful one I think we are going to do the red and white. If not then there will def be a LOT of red. I guess its kinda funny but I'm not really a red kinda person. Why am I stuck on red then? Babies like the color red, really they prefer it to any other so rather than do the traditional blue or pink (or yellow) I like red. I'm pretty much set on painting it red but may leave the bed set and things. A variety of color isn't a bad thing.
My birthday is Friday and I am really hoping that I get some more of the wonderful maternity shorts I acquired from Kohls. They are totally my favorite thing to wear! They are comfortable and you can dress them up or down. I will probably wear nothing but those types of shorts (and pants when the winter comes) for the rest of my pregnancy. I was going to take the advice of my friend and wear dresses and skirts but lets face it, they are not nearly as comfortable and I'm a nanny. The last thing I need is those kids under my skirt!
Really excited about selling my jewelry as well! Cant wait to get the pics up! I am also going to sell my prom and homecoming dresses (and prob some other high school clothes I cannot fit into). All proceeds will go to help Baby Bean's nursery along. Especially since we have NOTHING for the nursery. After the nursery is finished then it will prob go into a college fund (if not then it will be diaper fund).
Its kinda crazy how a baby can consume everything I do and right now its the size of a blueberry! Still cant wait! Hoping we get the money for the 3D/4D ultrasound, if so we will be doing that as soon as we can schedule it and hopefully find out the gender! :) Ok, I'm probably boring you to death with all this. I'll leave you alone . . . for now! :)

Tips on Tuesday

One of my favorite blogs to read is Dandelion Wishes and she has been kind enough to help out those of us who are, lets face it, clueless about this whole blogging thing. Todays Tips are:

1) Enable your email!
    Pushy Dashboard
    Pushy Edit Profile
    Pushy Show Email
    Email address - make sure this is your #1 email address, ya know the one you use ALL the time
    Scroll all the way to the bottom and
    Pushy SAVE

2) Make Money Blogging (HOW AWESOME, RIGHT!)
    The key word is ADVERTISERS. They are always wanting to stick and ad wherever they can, and if you have a popular blog chances are they'd love to have one on there too! Social Spark is the site she likes to use. With Social Spark you also have a PayPal which is an awesome way to buy and sell things online. Don't worry if you don't have one now they will direct you to the site.

As for any other Tips you'll probably have to see her site as I'm still learning. Good Luck and Happy Blogging!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Weekend

I spent my entire day Saturday with my mom for Mother's Day because she had to work on Sunday.
Saturday was the Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure. My mom and I went and had a blast. I stayed the night with her Friday because we planned on leaving her house no later than six in the morning (and we did). It only took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there, so we were a little early but that meant we got a great parking spot! We did the 5k (3.1 miles) which started at 8:30. There were over 17,000 people there! What an awesome turn out! We also saw some really cute shirts! We made our own so they were kinda plain but we liked them especially for having done them at the last minute! We finished the race in exactly one hour of the start! We walked the whole way and had every intention of power-walking but with all the people there it was very hard. Kudos to those who ran/jogged it! I think she was a little worried that I was gonna over do it but I stayed with her the whole time and felt great!

We left there and went to the ball field. My youngest sister, Katie-Boo, and my brother, Andrew,  play softball for a local church in the summer and have a blast doing it. My other sister, Megan, is coaching Katie-Boo this year, her first year coaching. She needed a little help so I did what I could in all the chaos.
After we left the ball field we went back to their house for some lunch. I gave Mama her Mother's Day gift, it was a jewelry set I had made and knew she liked. She was super happy and even confessed that she had intended to buy it from me. I felt really good about my choice! She put it on and it sorta matched the shirts we wore at the race but not quite. Lol.
After lunch we went to my Granny's new house (where Tommy, myself and Baby Bean are moving) and painted. I, of course, started on the baby's room. I was this dark blue so I had to put a white base coat on it before we can actually paint it. Then I started on another room. All the while Mama painted the trim in the kitchen, living room and in the hallway. By the time we were done with all we were getting done for the day we were so pooped we could have just laid in the floor and slept, but we didn't because we knew we were having an awesome dinner back at her house. And we did, steak, rolls, salad, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. After dinner I said my good-byes as she was getting ready for bed (she went kinda early). I slept 'til 10:00 the next morning!
Sunday Tommy and I got up and chilled for a bit. We knew it would be a while 'til we got to see his mom because she goes to church from one to three (so weird). We got a bite to eat and went to see her. We spent the rest of the day there, where everyone in the house but myself and Dillon (Tommy's cousin) slept. We left there and went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries for my dad, came home and went to bed. I honestly don't know how he slept after napping at his mom's but he did.
Today is Tommy's birthday so I am gonna have to go to the store and get him a little something. I was so busy this weekend I couldn't find the time and he still hasn't told me what he wants! So I really have no clue what to get! Guess I'm going in blind!