Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME! :)

I have had a great birthday so far! My phone has not stopped going off all day with the wonderful birthday wishes. Got to go SHOPPING! I love shopping! My mom took me to get some (much needed) clothes (maternity). I got three pairs of bottoms, five or six shirts and some cute (and comfortable) shoes! So excited! We also ate at Sonny's BBQ (which was awesome!!)! We had a really fun time today. 
I also gave her the birthday present for her birthday (its Tuesday and she is working both Monday and Tuesday). It was bathroom stuff (and it smelled AMAZING). She really liked it so, good. :)
Getting ready to go on our trip to Tennessee. Wedding tomorrow and hopefully a trip to the river. :) I want to go to the beach SOOO BAD! But I suppose the river will do for now. :) Gotta get packing or we'll never make it! 
Happy Friday 13th! 

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