Thursday, May 12, 2011


So this is gonna be one of those vent blogs. Please be patient. 

Ok, so I LOVE the fact that we are getting to move outta this place. Its in no way SANITARY enough for a newborn and there is NOT enough room for those of us who are here already. Just thinking of all the stuff Baby Bean will need (and eventually get) has me laughing at the thought of it coming here. However, yesterday I wanted Mexican. Tommy agreed to take me out to lunch (since he didn't take me for dinner the night before and it was supposed to be to celebrate our birthdays). Well it didn't happen either. Instead he went with my step-dad to paint the house we are moving in. I got SUPER mad at him ( I REALLY wanted chicken fajitas and I felt gypped we were supposed to be celebrating MY birthday too). So then he proceeded to treat me like a child (as he so often does in that situation) and explain that the sooner we get it all done the sooner we can move outta here and in there. Yes, I do realize that but my fajitas were much more important to me at the time and I did NOT care. As far as I was concerned HE was in the way of ME and MY LUNCH. Not to mention we don't have a mattress for the bed that is gonna be in our room so its not like when they finish painting today we can just start moving stuff in and live there. 
And then today, he knows that I have very IMPORTANT things to do yet he wanted me to run something to a friend of his, I don't even like this friend (long story behind that one). He was also getting pissy with my because his parents (actually his mother, uuugggghhhhhh) changed the plans on coming to get him and didn't let him know. Anyway they ended up coming to get him like they were supposed to so I get to enjoy my few minutes alone here before I have to get ready to go. 
Oh, and then there is tomorrow, my birthday. First just let me say I am his wife, I am pregnant and tomorrow is MY birthday, shouldn't I get to decide what I would like to do? Well, I don't. We are leaving tomorrow to go to Tennessee for his cousin's wedding on Saturday. Yes, I realize she came down for ours and drove back home all in the same day. But she has the money to do that (trust me that girl is loaded), we do not (look at us we are still having to live with people just to live). Yet it does not matter what I say because I have made it blatantly clear I do not want to go (according to him) and we are going. We don't even have a gift for her! I was thinking instead of going and not bringing a gift we not go and send a gift but he didn't like that either. Its all so annoying because we have no where to stay for two nights in Tennessee not to mention we don't have the money for gas and the hotel he wants to get, blah, blah blah, the list goes on and on. 
This weekend was supposed to be our weekend to celebrate OUR birthdays but instead it has turned into Tommy Central Weekend, whatever he says goes. UGH! I am so irritated! This is our last birthdays to spend just the two of us and he is being so mean about it all. I don't mind going to Tennessee but I at least wanna be able to do something that I want to do (if only ONCE the whole weekend) but I doubt thats gonna happen. I can almost bet I'm gonna be tired and cranky and he is gonna get mad at me for it. Basically, I am not looking forward to this weekend. And I haven't gotten to the most infuriating part yet, the dogs. We can't take them with us and it is NOT a good idea to leave them here with my dad (he wouldn't feed them or give them water). No one else we know is gonna watch three dogs that don't behave (they stay outside mostly so being inside they get a little crazy). What exactly is his solution? He says his mom will watch them! I do not want that thing watching my babies! (Sorry really having a rough time with her too) Remember, I am just along for the ride, I'll let him deal with everything since he doesn't ask my opinion anyway its just whatever he says and then I'm supposed to jump and run. 
Now let me say I DO LOVE MY HUSBAND, very much in fact. He is just super annoying at times and I have every right to get mad at him. Usually he is a pretty great guy, even if I don't say it enough. He does a lot of little things that mean a lot to me, that most people probably wouldn't get. Anyway thats my vent.

Took the pics yesterday just have to get them uploaded! Look for them soon! 

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