Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips on Tuesday

One of my favorite blogs to read is Dandelion Wishes and she has been kind enough to help out those of us who are, lets face it, clueless about this whole blogging thing. Todays Tips are:

1) Enable your email!
    Pushy Dashboard
    Pushy Edit Profile
    Pushy Show Email
    Email address - make sure this is your #1 email address, ya know the one you use ALL the time
    Scroll all the way to the bottom and
    Pushy SAVE

2) Make Money Blogging (HOW AWESOME, RIGHT!)
    The key word is ADVERTISERS. They are always wanting to stick and ad wherever they can, and if you have a popular blog chances are they'd love to have one on there too! Social Spark is the site she likes to use. With Social Spark you also have a PayPal which is an awesome way to buy and sell things online. Don't worry if you don't have one now they will direct you to the site.

As for any other Tips you'll probably have to see her site as I'm still learning. Good Luck and Happy Blogging!

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