Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy Day . . .

I took my jewelry to my mom's work because she had a buyer! :) Super exciting! My grandma took me out to eat and to get my nails done. (Loved being pampered) Then we came back home and I had to get everything ready to get Tommy and do maternity pics (my cousin offered to do them for me while they are down). I brought the dog with me so it was kinda crazy (he should have his own diaper bag) and Tommy got there early so I had to rush to get him. Then we left and came to my mom's. Then I had to leave again to show Tasha how to get to Wal-Mart to get diapers, wipes and formula. By the time we got back it was dinner time and because they guys were all working on my sister's truck they wanted me to make dinner. So Tasha and I enlisted the help of my grandpa and made biscuits and sausage gravy, before my mom got home from work. (Neither of us knew how to do the gravy) By the time dinner was done it was dark, so no maternity pics (we are doing them today). Tommy and the other guys decide they are going to have a nice guys night so we ended up staying the night here at my mom's. Let me tell you that between the couch, the dog (who had to sleep with me), my wrist (that I somehow hurt yesterday) and my heartburn it was not a good night. I wanted so badly to go home in my own bed and snuggle up to my husband who has been gone all week . . . but he apparently had other plans. That's ok because now he has to do what I want. He just doesn't know that yet as he is still asleep (along with all the other males that stayed up 'partying' til 3am).

I am going to look in the kitchen and hope there is something to eat, I am super hungry.

Happy Saturday (and Friday since I missed it)!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday was my brother's birthday so after I got back from taking my grandpa to the doctor I hung out at my mom's for the rest of the day. We received a call from some family members that live in Kentucky, they are down and will be in tomorrow (as in today)! :) I am super excited! We don't get to see them often so I loved the surprise! :) I cannot wait to go to my mom's today! (My grandpa doesn't know, their goal is to surprise him so he can get to see the new baby for the first time (his great-grandson))

Last night I (finally) uploaded all my weekly pics that I have been neglecting! I also uploaded all my Baby Shower pics to Facebook. :) So proud of myself. Now I actually have room on my camera! I have had some of these pics on here for a little over four or five years! :/ oops . . . hehehe.

Ok, so I have to vent for a second but I figure I'd try to do it in a way that wont point any fingers.

Jen's Pet Peeves:
1) Liars
2) 'Helicopter' people
3) People that think things MUST be their way
4) Inconsiderate people
5) Know-it-all people
6) Crazy/stupid drivers
7) Self-centered people
8) Lazy people (I'm not talking not physically active either)
9) Obnoxious people
10) People who lack table manners (or just lack manners period) 

I feel a little better. :) 

Well I have a few things to do today before making the trip back to my mom's!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What We Want To Know Wednesday Q&A

Hosted my the lovely Mamarazzi and Queso (from whom the questions are coming from this week)
{1} If you had an extra hour to do ANYTHING for yourself each day what would you do?
{2} Are you a morning person or a night owl?
{3} How much sleep do you get on an average night?
{4} When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol' interweb?
{5} What is the ONE thing you're never too busy for?

{1} If you had an extra hour to do ANYTHING for yourself each day what would you do?
Relax! Whatever I choose to do be it read or make jewelry or go through Addison's room or take a tub bath or anything else- relax!

{2} Are you a morning person or a night owl?
A morning person, most definitely. Once ten o'clock hits (at night) I am down for the count! I wake up just fine and LOVE the morning time! Especially in the FALL!

{3} How much sleep do you get on an average night?
I go to bed at ten and actually fall asleep by eleven and I am up every morning between seven and eight thirty so . . . eight{ish) hours depending on how my night goes!

{4} When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol' interweb?
When I feel like taking a break from housework. I am a homemaker/house-wife/stay-at-home-mom so I can get on here anytime! Now that we have internet! :)

{5} What is the ONE thing you're never too busy for?
Going through Addison's stuff! I love to go through her things, picture what she will look like and be like and how cute she will be in her room! Not to mention my lovely husband! I always make time for him! :)

Happy Wednesday! :)

Twenty Nine Weeks Today :)

Today I am Twenty Nine Weeks! Addison is the size of a Squash! Here is what is going on this week:

You’re probably already getting a little preview of baby’s personality, the more your feel him move. You might get some playful kicks and jabs, and start to feel little hiccups, too! At 29 weeks, he’s not just moving a lot, he’s also plumping up. And as he continues to put pressure on your digestive system, you’re going to feel the effects: hemorrhoids, heartburn, pelvic pain and frequent urination are all common at this stage in the game. Week 29 is a good time to start finalizing stuff, like stocking the nursery with baby care essentials and checking out a few potential day cares. You’ll also want to start packing a few things you know you’ll want with you at the hospital at baby’s birth. Leave it by the door, so you can add stuff you think of along the way -- and so you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Your baby's the size of a squash!
Baby already measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. Right now, she weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds but she's still got a ways to go -- can you believe she'll triple in weight before birth?

Your baby at 29 weeks
He's getting a little cramped in there, since he's growing so fast. But you probably already realize that, since you're getting all those jabs and kicks.
He's growing white fat deposits under his skin, and his energy is surging because of it.
Feel a subtle twitch? It might be baby hiccuping!

Pregnancy Symptoms: What you might be feeling at 29 weeks

Lots of kicks! (All that crowding.)
Headaches and/or lightheadedness, possibly due to difficulty sleeping, but it could be from low blood sugar too, so make sure you're eating at regular intervals.
Itchy belly. Your skin is stretching thinner, making it more sensitive.
Back, leg or pelvic pain.
Hemorrhoids. Baby's putting pressure on your digestive system, and hormones may be relaxing your intestinal muscles. Eat plenty of fiber.
Constipation. This isn't really helping the hemorrhoid situation, is it?
Trouble sleeping -- still!
Gotta pee -- again! The more your uterus expands, the more you'll probably have to hit the restroom.
Varicose veins. Don't worry! These should fade after delivery.

Courtesy Of The Bump.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Happy List . . . Now On TUESDAYS!

Really Happy Today! :)

Went to the doctor and everything is perfect! :) Happy!

Got preregistered at the hospital! (Less paperwork to deal with while I am in labor!) Happy!

Finally got my school books! I can study now! Happy! 
(Does that make me a dork?)

Changed my address on my license (a little late but better late than never, right?) . . . for FREE! Happy!

I got to have dinner with Tommy today! :) SUPER HAPPY! 
I miss him when he is gone!

Happy Lists are awesome! It gives you positive things to think about and no matter how happy we are in our own lives we could all use a little more positive! So why don't you clicky the button at the top of the page and link up?! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

'Laundry' List of To-Do's Today

Wow, I am a dork. Yes, I do need to do laundry but I have other errands to run today! I am going to pre-register at the hospital (so I don't have so much paperwork the day I go in to deliver)! I have to take the check to the bank (woohoo! money! that is promised out :( in bills). Get my brother's birthday present and a few other miscellaneous things.

I have decided that all the jewelry that I have made up to this point is going to be Christmas presents! That way my hubby doesn't fuss when I go out and buy more stuff and we don't have to worry with stores and holiday shoppers on top of me being prego! The only problem is I don't have anything for the men in the family so . . . what do I do for them??? I am trying to think of something small (after all it doesn't cost too much to make the jewelry) and something they will use at least once! Any ideas???

Mamarazzi at *Dandelion Wishes* is doing an awesome Etsy giveaway today! I honestly hope I win (of course, doesn't everyone who enters these things) because I think it would look super cute in Addison's nursery! :) Why don't you go check it out! Who knows, if I don't win maybe you will!

My doctor's appointment is tomorrow! I am excited! I think its because I get to go back two weeks sooner (for the first time)! And once I hit like 36 (or around there) I will be going every week until she arrives! That's more time for me to hear her wonderful heartbeat! :) It always makes me smile! Ooohh, we were given this thing that you can hear her heartbeat on for home (I'll have to find the name and let you know officially) but up until this week we couldn't really hear the heartbeat but we were able to before Tommy left yesterday (actually it was Saturday but it was still before he left)! He smiled that goofy grin he always smiles when it comes to Addison and it just makes my hear swell! I couldn't have picked a better guy to marry and have kids with! :) (Though she is the one and only for a WHILE!!) 

Now I am going to turn on my recorded The Doctors have some breakfast/lunch and wait on the mail. Then I am going to get started running the roads like a maniac. Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lonely . . .

I had to drop Tommy off again today and I won't get to see him until Friday :( Unless, I feel like (and have the gas money after everything else) driving an hour down there to spend time at the Wal-Mart. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with shopping at Wal-Mart but I'd rather not spend an hour driving to spend a few hours in Wal-Mart. (Wal-Mart is really the only thing in the tiny town he is in for training.) 

I have so much on my to do list tomorrow! I hope I remember everything! Knowing me I won't, I'll forget something and have to go back and do it Tuesday after my doctor's appointment. Wednesday I am taking my Grandpa to the doctor, Thursday I have no clue what I am going to do and Friday I get to go get Tommy! This week should go by much faster now that I have things to do. I like down time but I can only handle so much! 

We are planning on spending our anniversary weekend in Tennessee. He will graduate that Thursday, we'll leave, spend Friday with his grandparents, Saturday in Gatlinburg and Sunday will be the baby shower and the trip home. Its a lot for just a few days but I am glad we get to go one last time before Addison makes her appearance into the world. 

Well dinner is calling my name (along with my TUMS) so everyone have a happy (rest of your) Sunday! :)