Monday, October 3, 2011

'Laundry' List of To-Do's Today

Wow, I am a dork. Yes, I do need to do laundry but I have other errands to run today! I am going to pre-register at the hospital (so I don't have so much paperwork the day I go in to deliver)! I have to take the check to the bank (woohoo! money! that is promised out :( in bills). Get my brother's birthday present and a few other miscellaneous things.

I have decided that all the jewelry that I have made up to this point is going to be Christmas presents! That way my hubby doesn't fuss when I go out and buy more stuff and we don't have to worry with stores and holiday shoppers on top of me being prego! The only problem is I don't have anything for the men in the family so . . . what do I do for them??? I am trying to think of something small (after all it doesn't cost too much to make the jewelry) and something they will use at least once! Any ideas???

Mamarazzi at *Dandelion Wishes* is doing an awesome Etsy giveaway today! I honestly hope I win (of course, doesn't everyone who enters these things) because I think it would look super cute in Addison's nursery! :) Why don't you go check it out! Who knows, if I don't win maybe you will!

My doctor's appointment is tomorrow! I am excited! I think its because I get to go back two weeks sooner (for the first time)! And once I hit like 36 (or around there) I will be going every week until she arrives! That's more time for me to hear her wonderful heartbeat! :) It always makes me smile! Ooohh, we were given this thing that you can hear her heartbeat on for home (I'll have to find the name and let you know officially) but up until this week we couldn't really hear the heartbeat but we were able to before Tommy left yesterday (actually it was Saturday but it was still before he left)! He smiled that goofy grin he always smiles when it comes to Addison and it just makes my hear swell! I couldn't have picked a better guy to marry and have kids with! :) (Though she is the one and only for a WHILE!!) 

Now I am going to turn on my recorded The Doctors have some breakfast/lunch and wait on the mail. Then I am going to get started running the roads like a maniac. Happy Monday!

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