Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday was my brother's birthday so after I got back from taking my grandpa to the doctor I hung out at my mom's for the rest of the day. We received a call from some family members that live in Kentucky, they are down and will be in tomorrow (as in today)! :) I am super excited! We don't get to see them often so I loved the surprise! :) I cannot wait to go to my mom's today! (My grandpa doesn't know, their goal is to surprise him so he can get to see the new baby for the first time (his great-grandson))

Last night I (finally) uploaded all my weekly pics that I have been neglecting! I also uploaded all my Baby Shower pics to Facebook. :) So proud of myself. Now I actually have room on my camera! I have had some of these pics on here for a little over four or five years! :/ oops . . . hehehe.

Ok, so I have to vent for a second but I figure I'd try to do it in a way that wont point any fingers.

Jen's Pet Peeves:
1) Liars
2) 'Helicopter' people
3) People that think things MUST be their way
4) Inconsiderate people
5) Know-it-all people
6) Crazy/stupid drivers
7) Self-centered people
8) Lazy people (I'm not talking not physically active either)
9) Obnoxious people
10) People who lack table manners (or just lack manners period) 

I feel a little better. :) 

Well I have a few things to do today before making the trip back to my mom's!

Happy Thursday!

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