Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Confessional - Veterans Day

I confess . . .
I didn't come up with it but this is how I feel today:
Only Two Defining Forces Have Ever Died For You : Jesus Christ And The American Soldier – 
One Died For Your Soul And The Other Died For Your Freedom.

I confess . . . 
I want to thank ALL who have served in ANY branch of our military.
and Future.

I confess . . .
Days like today are hard for Tommy.
He doesn't know that I know.
But I do and it makes it hard for me too.

I confess . . .
I love my life, the way things have turned out.
This is what God had planned for us.
But sometimes I wish, for Tommy, things had been different with the Navy.

I confess . . .
Sometimes I secretly wish he would go back.
Because I know he wants to.
And I would be ok with that, as long as he was happy.

I confess . . .
I know he is happy with the way things are now.
But being a Sailor was his lifelong dream.
Its sad that it didn't work out.

I confess . . .
Even though we have an awesome life.
Its hard not to imagine 

I confess . . .
I truly am thankful for every veteran in my life.
I should show it more often than I do.
We all should.

Happy Veterans Day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thirty Four Weeks Today :)

Today I am Thirty Four Weeks! Here is what is happening this week:

Courtesy of What to Expect.

Your Baby in Week 34 of Pregnancy

What's new this week? Your baby is clocking in at five pounds and could be as tall as 20 inches by now, and the vernix (the white coating protecting your baby’s skin) is getting thicker. This week, a boy's testicles start making their way down from his abdomen to their final destination: his scrotum (look out below!). While about three to four percent of boys are born with undescended testicles, it's nothing to worry about — they usually head downtown before junior turns a year old. In other baby-related developments, those tiny fingernails have probably reached the tips of his fingers by now — and getting ready for that first postpartum manicure.

Your Body in Week 34 of Pregnancy

You're not seeing things — at least not as well as usual. That's because your eyes are yet another part of your body that falls prey to those pesky pregnancy hormones. Not only can your vision seem less sharp these days, but also a decrease in tear production can leave your eyes dry and irritated, especially if you wear contact lenses. Plus, an increase in fluid behind your eyes’ lenses can temporarily change their shape, making some women more nearsighted or farsighted than usual. Happily, these vision changes during pregnancy are all temporary. Things should clear up as your eyes return to normal after delivery (so there's no need to change your prescription just yet).

So I started cleaning the house yesterday. Like, really cleaning. I did the kitchen and part of the living room yesterday. My goal is to get the living room done today and the floors at the very least. I want to get the bedroom done too because my grandmother decided to come home a day early and I wont be able to get anything done with her here at the house. I also have my Spanish midterm to do and my health work. I am going to have a really hard time with her here, you just have no clue. 
Trina found out she is having a boy! :) They are so excited! They are moving back to Georgia in three days so they will be here for Thanksgiving! :) I am super excited! 
We have so much to do in this house before Thanksgiving, especially if my grandmother is planning to do the family thing here. She has to clean out the dining room, paint it, and set it up. On top of all the cooking. I don't think its gonna get done. I love the way I set up the table but I don't think it will hold everyone! Do you?

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nursery Update

Addison's nursery is coming along! :) The only problem is now that I have put everything together and in its place it looks kinda empty. We still have a little more to do but it looks cute so far. Tommy's project for today (and possibly tomorrow) is the rocking chair. While mine is the rest of the house, mainly our room to make space for the bassinet. I also have to do my health test today or tomorrow. Its only 33 questions so it shouldn't take too long yet I am still not looking forward to it. I keep trying to tell myself that if I go ahead and do it it will go away but I still cant make myself take it yet. I'll get it done. I always do. 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slow Weekend

Yesterday was not a good day. The water pressure sucked horribly. It took me all day to wash 4 little loads of clothes. 2 hours per load! There wasn't enough pressure for me to get an actual shower so I got an airplane bath yesterday! :( By the time I went to bed last night there was no water coming out of the faucet at all! My memory card for my camera messed up and I lost all my pictures! :( 
However, things are looking much better today! :) The water is back and I am done with all my Spanish work . . . now for the health test. 
I also did a good bit in Addison's room. :) Can't wait until its done! I am hoping that since Tommy has the next two days off we can get the rocking chair done! (Cross your fingers and wish me luck!) I also have to find somewhere for the death-trap dresser to go. (I refuse to use it, it poses a safety hazard to my toes and Addison when she is mobile) Speaking of mobile. I have to finish that too. I think I am going to redo it and see if I can make the ribbon we have work instead of having to go out and by more. I also saw a really cute idea for another mobile, but it can be just a decoration. :) I am determined to do everything I can in her room this week so if I bore you with details please forgive me. :) I will be posting pics very soon (I do have a smaller memory card but it only holds 16 pics where my other one held 1 GB)!
I have a few errands to run then its off to finish my project. :)

Happy Sunday!