Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slow Weekend

Yesterday was not a good day. The water pressure sucked horribly. It took me all day to wash 4 little loads of clothes. 2 hours per load! There wasn't enough pressure for me to get an actual shower so I got an airplane bath yesterday! :( By the time I went to bed last night there was no water coming out of the faucet at all! My memory card for my camera messed up and I lost all my pictures! :( 
However, things are looking much better today! :) The water is back and I am done with all my Spanish work . . . now for the health test. 
I also did a good bit in Addison's room. :) Can't wait until its done! I am hoping that since Tommy has the next two days off we can get the rocking chair done! (Cross your fingers and wish me luck!) I also have to find somewhere for the death-trap dresser to go. (I refuse to use it, it poses a safety hazard to my toes and Addison when she is mobile) Speaking of mobile. I have to finish that too. I think I am going to redo it and see if I can make the ribbon we have work instead of having to go out and by more. I also saw a really cute idea for another mobile, but it can be just a decoration. :) I am determined to do everything I can in her room this week so if I bore you with details please forgive me. :) I will be posting pics very soon (I do have a smaller memory card but it only holds 16 pics where my other one held 1 GB)!
I have a few errands to run then its off to finish my project. :)

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Glad you have water again. Hope that the mobile comes together for you.