Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess . . .
I have the house to myself today! 
For a little while at least!
I need it so much!

I confess . . .
I think my plans are to do what I can in Addison's room today.
Pack the bags for the hospital.
And just sit around picturing what it will be like when she is here.

I confess . . . 
I totally have the pregnancy brain going on.
I cannot remember anything.
Even if I write it down.

I confess . . .
My patience are running low these days.
Especially with the "same ol' same ol'" bs.
'Ya know what I mean?

I confess . . .
I don't think Tommy realizes how soon Addison will be here.
Nor how much we still have to do.
What am I gonna do with him?

I confess . . .
I really do wish some people would grow up.
They have so much drama in their lives because they want the attention.
Really people, its NOT worth it!

I confess . . .
I slept too long this morning.
I got up and let the dogs out,
then I went back to sleep! Oops.

I confess . . .
I really need to finish my school work.
But its only 5 little things and it can wait.

What do you want to confess today?

Happy Friday!


  1. Procrastination is a beautiful thing when applied correctly. I did some of my best work due to procrastination.

  2. i could use a little extra sleep so i confess i am jealous. but you are also cooking up a baby so you get the sleep whenever you can from now until that little cutie is born!

    thanks for linking up!!