Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yesterday was such a long day. Tommy and I were not planning to spend all day away from the house so we could relax a little and I could do some school work. Of course, that did not go as planned. My aunt was supposed to meet us for the final payment on Tommy's car around lunch time. Each time we called her she told us just a few minutes and she was leaving. We get to finally meet up with her until after 6! :( 

We did get the new car! :) Tommy seems to really like it. Next on the list is come TLC for my car. Oil change, tune up, etc. Not to mention some serious cleaning! 

We didn't get to take the second pack-n-play back yesterday to exchange it for something else, I forgot to put it in the car before we left and Tommy never went back to get it. Maybe I can do it this weekend or something.

My doctors appointment went so fast yesterday! Much better than the past few times I've been. We watched a video on the Group B Strep test and the Epidural (which I am getting, they should just go ahead and order it lol). Then she came in and we listened to her heartbeat and measured my tummy. She also felt to see if Addison was head down, which she is. But because she still has room to flip they will be checking next time too. 

Today we are supposed to go see the kids in foster care but I honestly don't know if I am up for the task. Its a long drive there. Not to mention the dogs were in their cages all day yesterday from where we never made it home until late and I don't want to do it to them again. For some reason my grandmother did not let them out at all. I don't know why, she usually does. ???

I did get most of my school work done this morning so I don't really have to worry about that. I only have a few things left to do and I can do it all tomorrow or Saturday if I have to. :)

Happy Thursday!

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