Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Godparents . . . And Other Baby Things

Tommy and I are godparents to two twin girls. We love them to death and would do anything for them. However, we do not want the parents of the twins to be the godparents of our child. Instead we would love for our friend in the Air Force to be the godfather (he is single so there is no godmother, yet). Do you think that is bad of us? He does not yet know that we want him to be the godfather and the parents of the twins don't know we don't want them to be. I'm not really sure how to go about this situation because I don't want to cause any hurt feelings or problems. I suppose we have quite a while before all this has to be figured out but its just something that was bothering me this morning.
Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks! So excited. I am going to start taking pictures of myself and the belly (though I don't have one yet) and put them in a scrapbook along with the ultrasound pics and everything else baby! :) I'm not sure if I should do weekly or just monthly 'til I start to show? Decisions, decisions. Another decision is that Tommy and I both agree that we like the red nursery better than the one with all the colors, so even though everyone else voted on the colorful one I think we are going to do the red and white. If not then there will def be a LOT of red. I guess its kinda funny but I'm not really a red kinda person. Why am I stuck on red then? Babies like the color red, really they prefer it to any other so rather than do the traditional blue or pink (or yellow) I like red. I'm pretty much set on painting it red but may leave the bed set and things. A variety of color isn't a bad thing.
My birthday is Friday and I am really hoping that I get some more of the wonderful maternity shorts I acquired from Kohls. They are totally my favorite thing to wear! They are comfortable and you can dress them up or down. I will probably wear nothing but those types of shorts (and pants when the winter comes) for the rest of my pregnancy. I was going to take the advice of my friend and wear dresses and skirts but lets face it, they are not nearly as comfortable and I'm a nanny. The last thing I need is those kids under my skirt!
Really excited about selling my jewelry as well! Cant wait to get the pics up! I am also going to sell my prom and homecoming dresses (and prob some other high school clothes I cannot fit into). All proceeds will go to help Baby Bean's nursery along. Especially since we have NOTHING for the nursery. After the nursery is finished then it will prob go into a college fund (if not then it will be diaper fund).
Its kinda crazy how a baby can consume everything I do and right now its the size of a blueberry! Still cant wait! Hoping we get the money for the 3D/4D ultrasound, if so we will be doing that as soon as we can schedule it and hopefully find out the gender! :) Ok, I'm probably boring you to death with all this. I'll leave you alone . . . for now! :)

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