Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Weekend

So I went to Tennessee this weekend, as I mentioned to you before I was. We left late Friday so didn't get there 'til almost twelve in the morning. I spent most of the day Saturday trying to find something to wear to the wedding that was later that night. I tried every store in West Town Mall and couldn't find anything that Tommy and I both agreed on. I love him, but I hate shopping with him; he makes it ssoo difficult! So I ended up finding a cute dress and just went with it. By the time we got it we were (so we thought) running late. We got back to his grandparents house (where we stayed) got ready and the two of us and his grandfather got in the car and left. It was a good thing we borrowed my aunt's gps thing because we would have gotten lost without it. The place we amazingly beautiful! And the wedding made it that much more so. There is no way that I can describe how beautiful it all was so I'll have to post pics. I was so glad we got to be apart of her wedding and it really all came down to one little moment when (at the reception) she finally saw that we were there and she started crying because she was really happy that we got to come. I was really glad we could make her day (sorta lol) like that. Sunday we went to lunch with Tommy's dad and stepmom. That was fun. We sat there talking for like thirty minutes after we paid for the food. Then we went back to the mall and Tommy bought an electric cigarette thing (its so cool). It keeps me (and the baby) safe while he gets his 'nic fix'. I don't really know how to explain it but if you ever get the chance go check one out. We planned on leaving Sunday night but ended up staying and left (early-ish) Monday morning. All in all I suppose it was a good weekend. :)

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