Saturday, May 21, 2011

So . . .

I totally have to tell!
 Tommy actually watched (and laughed at) videos of Hallie over at Polos, Pearls & Pacifiers! The really funny part? He got mad at me when I started scrolling too fast for him to read! I always thought he didn't like the blogging world, even if I was in it. Guess he can still surprise me! Though I think that is as far as he'll take it. 

Still need Dr. Seuss quotes but I suppose it'll be ok for now. We do have some time before the nursery needs to be finished. 

I am ssssssssooooooooooooo tired from these past few days. Thursday night Tommy won tickets to Wild Bills. I didn't really feel like going but I went anyway under the pretenses of getting home at an ok time and getting to sleep late. We got home at three in the morning and I had to drive (just in case you didn't know I am NOT a night person). Then we got woke up by the stupid phone, had to drive two hours to get his check and then go back to Wild Bills for Fight Night (which was fun but still). I really wish that he would think about the fact that 1) I'm prego and get tired easy(ish). and 2) I am a daytime person, I do not do well at night. But he wont. He is a night person (and will probably remain so forever) and according to him I'm a wuss. Right now I would love to sleep but if I even stare at this computer much longer I will have a headache to rival the size of the Pacific. And those are NOT fun. 

Speaking of not fun is dealing with people that I don't particularly care for (at least right now). How I would love to name this/these person/people, but I will not. I will say that this baby in MY belly is MINE and Tommy's baby. NO ONE ELSE'S. Therefore, the only people that have a right to this baby are Tommy and myself. Everyone else can back off. After-all I am only NINE weeks pregnant and you are already fighting over Baby Bean. I don't think so. I really hope you don't think that fighting and saying that other certain people have to back off because you are a more recognized (I'm not sure if that is the word I'm looking for but we'll go with it for lack of a better one) role in Baby Bean's life. I (come Hell or high water) will be the one taking care of this baby, with the help of my wonderful husband Tommy. Baby Bean will NOT be staying with anyone else for a while (and certain people ever -if I can manage it). I will determine who gets to hold Baby Bean and who Baby Bean stays with first. And I already know who that person is so . . . just try and figure it out and/or change my mind. 
Yes, I am evil like that. Don't try me. 

Now that I have gotten some of that off my chest I feel a little better. I really have so much more I would love to vent about but I wont, not at this time anyway. :) 

Really hoping that things will change for once (though they wont). 

Have a good weekend! Or whats left of it. :)

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