Monday, October 11, 2010


Tommy has an interview today! Its with Kingco Promotions, INC. out of Kennesaw. I am hoping all goes well! The only thing is if he gets this one he will have a major commute until we can afford to move. That wouldn't be a bad thing. I am super excited for him! Please keep your fingers crossed!

Megan finally got her dress yesterday! It wasn't the one I wanted her to get but I did tell her she could choose. I'm not complaining, now her and Katelyn both need shoes. That is something they have to do on their own.

12 days until my wedding! OMG it is coming up SO fast! The bridal/wedding shower is this Saturday! I am excited! I am starting to worry how things are going to work out but I am trying to do my best not to freak out. There is still so much to do!

I feel so alone right now. All the dogs and cats are asleep and Tommy is gone; its TOO quiet! I am not used to this! I am tempted to turn on the T.V. just so it can keep me company! I suppose I should enjoy this while I can, but for some reason I cant. LOL. I think I'll get a shower and then everyone should be up. Have a good day!


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