Thursday, October 7, 2010

What A Day!

Today we find out why Tommy never heard anything from Rockdale or Atlanta. He was black flaged by the Navy because of his back and they wont take it off until he has his surgery but they wont pay for it. How am I supposed to be able to pay for an $800,000 surgery? Ugh! Just what I needed 16 days before the wedding. That puts EVERYTHING on hold. I am worried it may put off school even longer than I already have.

Onto another subject. We have decided to start excersing, again. I have lost a little weight by cutting out caffeine and playing tag with Patrick and Elisabeth (I am thier nanny). I am hoping that we can bring along Rocky and get some of that energy out of him.

We got our engagement pictures in today. I like them, for the most part. Now we can finish the slideshow for the wedding. Plus we will finally have updated pictures of us. Now we just need another couple to hang out with, it gets old hanging with single people who don't understand the concept of a unit.

Gosh, I have a lot left to do for the wedding and no time. More money wouldn't be bad either. LOL. Paying for your own wedding is a pain. My suggestion is to go to the courthouse and then throw a party. Much simpler. I hope the weather stays the same so we can have it outside.

Then again I cannot wait for the cold to come! I LOVE the cold! I get to buy new clothes this year. Tommy needs some too so I wont get everything I want but that could be worse! The leaves turn a beautiful color and candy and lots of food are expected! LOL.

I hope you enjoy this fall!


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