Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost Finished!

Tommy and I went to the new house today and got just about everything done. Well, Tommy did the work I just helped when I was needed. He hung all the blinds, the towel racks in the bathrooms, fixed the phone and the fan. I think the only thing that needs to be done now is to clean the floors and we are good to move in! How exciting! I cannot wait! My plans are to build the dog houses on Sunday, clean here on Monday and start packing and moving on Wednesday. Tuesday is booked with the doctors appointment and other errands.
Dillon graduates tomorrow! :) He is so excited! Then his party is on Saturday! I am excited about that! I am hoping to be able to give him Mighty Mouse for a graduation gift! He really likes Mighty Mouse and Mighty Mouse really likes him. :) Well, its fixing to storm here so I'm gonna get off before I fry my computer! Night!

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