Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prego Dreams

Are crazy! I don't remember much but I do remember waking up thinking "WTF?". And it never fails in the midst of my crazy prego dreams that I dream of Baby Bean (now deemed Green Bean by Tommy, lol) and Baby Bean is ALWAYS a girl. The funny thing is when I talk about Baby Bean I always say 'he'. Tommy will ask me how Baby Bean is and I'll reply "He is ________." Usually it has more to do with myself than the baby but I think it'll be that way for a little while longer.
Anyway back to the original subject. I remember dreaming about snakes and chasing a car through the mud (a semi-dried up pond), neither of which had anything to do with the other but thats what I remember from last night. I also remember breastfeeding Devan (if Baby Bean is a girl that will be her name). The other day I dreamed of Devan and she had a head full of curly black hair and was older than a newborn but still a baby.
Idk if that means Baby Bean is a girl or if that is just what I dream of (and I guess its funny bc I want a boy -though gender doesn't matter as long as its healthy and happy). All these dreams of girls have me juming up and down in anticipation for the time of the ultrasound that tells you the gender to come. Tommy doesn't know that I have been dreaming of girls for the past little while. He is pretty much convinced that because we want a boy it will be a girl instead. Lol. Only God knows what Baby Bean is now. But we will find out in due time. :) This makes me glad that we decided to find out the gender, at first we were gonna keep it a surprise! I cannot imagine not knowing after all these crazy dreams!

On a different note. Please pray, cross your fingers or whatever it is that you do that today is a better day at work. Fully intend on using any and all leverage their mom gave me in getting them to behave. :) She told them that I could take them to Game Time (idk I'll let you know when I find out) Friday for two hours if they behave. She told me to throw that in their face if they decided to act up agian. And trust me I will. If it makes the week go by a little smoother I'll do just about anything.
Have a happy Tuseday!

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