Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday . . .

I hate Monday. I think I have just come to realize that (or at least the depth of my hate). 
I do not want to go back to work. But who would want to go to work where a seven year old kid can call you stupid, yell at you and basically get away with whatever he wants? Definitely not me. However, in a few hours that is exactly where I will be. I will pick him and his sister up from school and have to deal with their mess all day. What really sucks is this is the last week of school and I can almost guarantee they will be ten times worse than normal. And its only a four day week so on Friday I will have them ALL DAY LONG! Which means that I need to be getting some kind of activity ready for them, like a trip to the park, but I think I will tell them that what we do on Friday depends on their attitudes the rest of the week. That almost never works but I think its worth the shot. I guess the good thing about it is as long as Tommy keeps working and I pay off my car, I can quit! :) That makes me happier than you'll ever know. 
Waiting on my lovely husband to get all his clothes together so I can do this week's laundry. Not a fun task either. I hate laundry. It is the most pain in the butt task in the house, simply because the cycle never ends!
I am getting hungry but I'm not sure what I want. My throat is starting to hurt so this will make for an interesting time as well. 
I cannot wait for next week! I will have the entire week off work and the only other thing on my schedule is my doctor's appointment Tuesday. Therefore I will spend half the time cleaning up this house and getting our stuff ready to move into the other house. :) Super excited! Hopefully I can get most, if not all of it, done Monday and Tuesday which will leave the rest of the week for us to get all of our stuff in the other house and set up. The only thing we are missing is a mattress and box-spring set for the lovely queen size bed that is in storage. :( Just in case you weren't in the loop, Tommy and I (and Baby Bean) have been sleeping on a twin size bed. NOT FUN! And NOT comfortable! Don't get me wrong, sometimes I like being that close to my husband and sometimes its gets so darn hot I don't. Regardless, being prego and having a twin bed to share between the three of us is not an option, at least once I start showing (and continue to grow). 
I am also looking forward to my doctor's appointment. I would just like to be reassured that everything is normal and I want to ask if I can make a trip to the beach this summer. :) I want to go to the beach so bad I almost can't stand myself. Really I think any body of water will make me happy at this point, be it pool, pond, lake, stream or river. 
Pretty sure you could care less about my ramblings so I'll leave you be. For now. Hehehe.

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