Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boring Day in the Making

I have been neglecting some of my school work. Not anything that has to be graded just studying, so that is what today is supposed to be for. As soon as I finish my breakfast I am going to hit the books. I'll take a few breaks because lets face it- there is only so much health I can take after having the class so many times in life already. The same with my Spanish. At least I'm not totally procrastinating and not doing anything until its due. I have too much to do now-a-days to do that.

This week has not been such a good week. I have lost two friends. One to a car accident and the other I believe is job related (he was a Marine). They were both really good guys and will be missed greatly. Please keep their families in your prayers.

Anyway onto other subjects of a happier note. At the baby shower in Tennessee Addison got a really cute piggy bank (its not a pig- its a Cinderella carrage so is it still a piggy bank?). They opened it up and passed it around for everyone to put their change into. Tommy and I got super curious and counted it all. There was a grand total of $67! Holy cow! She is spoiled already and she isn't even born yet! We have decided that we are going to replace the money with one hundred dollar bills (when it reaches that point) because the poor thing is small and pretty much full. At least she will have money toward a car or college, we haven't decided yet.

Well, time for school work. :(

Happy Thursday!

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