Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Happy List

Addison's room got painted this weekend while we were gone! HAPPY!

The baby shower in Tennessee was AWESOME! HAPPY!

We got WAY more than we ever expected! HAPPY!

I shampooed the carpet yesterday, so now its time to start setting up the nursery! HAPPY!

I also sanded down the rocking chair so it can be painted! HAPPY!

Rocky is dreaming- its so cute! HAPPY!

I also have a HAPPY{ish} story to share but it may take a while {I'll keep it as short as possible}:
Last year Tommy's parents were taking care of their nephew's daughter because neither he nor his girlfriend were capable. Tommy and I were trying to help them {the nephew and girlfriend} get on their feet. {He was addicted to alcohol and she has mental problems that stop her from being 100% capable of taking care of her self much less her daughter and the son that was on the way.} Tommy and I spent a lot of time with the baby {how could you not?} and did what we could to help them out. The nephew and girlfriend never really made time to spend with their own daughter unless it was for outer appearances. She was {almost} one year old and didn't weigh fifteen pounds. She didn't talk {no noises came out of her mouth at all} she didn't crawl much less try to walk. When Tommy's mom took her to the pediatrician, the pediatrician almost called DFCS {Department of Family and Child Services} on her until she explained the situation. In just two months the little girl was talking and crawling, she loved the water {bath time or pool time, she didn't care- until you went to get her out} she recognized people and she loved going to church. Right before her first birthday {which I was in the process of planning} the nephew and girlfriend decided they wanted to take her over to his mom's for dinner {it was around Mother's Day}. They left and never came back. We each saw the little girl a total of one or two times afterwards {and never received a phone call}. She looked miserable. The one time I saw her it looked like the dog{s} used her as their play toy. Tommy's mom and grandma saw her another and it looked like she had been eaten alive by some type of bug {mosquitoes or fleas were our bet}. Everyone was devastated because the very situation we had just spent months trying to help them out of they go right back to {drugs and alcohol} and took her with them. It caused a LOT of problems {especially since Tommy's parents raised the nephew and his brother because they lived in the same, possibly worse, condition as children- with court granted custody}. For almost a year nothing. Last week or so Tommy's parents got a letter in the mail, the little girl and boy {who was unborn at the time} are in DFCS and they wanted to know if Tommy's parents would be interested in getting the children. Immediately his mom calls the case worker and speaks with her. It looks like there is a good possibility they will get them {we are all hoping and praying they can}. If for some reason his parents don't qualify they are supposed to look to Tommy and I next. We are all really HAPPY at the possibility of these precious kids coming back into our lives. Please keep this in your prayers. 

Have a HAPPY Tuesday! 


  1. that is such a sad story...with a hopefully very happy ending. we foster and wow there are a lot of kids out there that are neglected and need love. it is amazing how just the basics of regular meals, baths and attention can make such a difference in a child's life...add love and even more amazing things happen!

    thanks for linking up your list. adding your family to our prayers.

  2. Thank you. They are supposed to hear from the guy that does the home inspections this week so hopefully they will know something soon.