Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Monday

So Tommy and I got back LATE last night from our trip. Overall it was fun. The ride there and back not so much. We spent a day in Gatlinburg for our anniversary, spent a day chillin' with family and then we spent a day at the baby shower. The baby shower was great! We got a LOT of things! :) We got way more than we ever expected to get, from all sides of our families! 

Anyway, Addison's room did get painted! :) Now, I have to vacuum and shampoo the carpet. Then I get to set everything up! I also have to finish sanding the rocking chair down so I (probably Tommy) can paint it. I have to wash all her clothes that haven't been washed yet. I also have school work to do! 

Wish me luck on getting everything done! 

Happy Monday!

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