Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 22 Love Is Faithful

Day 22
Love is faithful

I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness.
Then you will know the Lord. –Hosea 2:20

Love is a choice, not a feeling. It is an initiated action, not a knee-jerk reaction. Choose today to be committed to love even if your spouse has lost most of their interest in receiving it. Say to them today in words similar to these, “I love you. Period. I choose to love you even if you don’t love me in return.”

Today’s Questions:
Why is this kind of love impossible without the love of Christ beating in your heart? How does His presence within you enable you to love, even when it’s primarily one-sided?

I have chosen the faithful way. (Psalm 119:30)

Yesterday’s Dare:
The more I commit my heart and life to God and the more I worship Him, the more He will bless me (and Tommy). He will see to our needs and some wants. Walking with Jesus Christ has put and will continue to put an optimistic outlook on life. I can make God a bigger part of my life and my day by praying daily and reading my Bible. Also by living the Christian lifestyle in everything I do. 

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