Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Happy List

So I am pretty happy today.

Tommy is home for the weekend after being gone all week! So I am getting some much needed love and affection! Happy!

My kitchen is so cute! My grandma and I went shopping the other day and got new rugs, place mats, napkins and a valance for the fall! I mopped and waxed the floors today so it looks so good! Happy! ( I will be putting some pics on here once I finish cleaning it!)

My new insurance is in effect today! So I get to finally change my name at my doctor's office! Happy!

Today is one of those really nice days to spend outside with pants and a light long sleeve! I love days like today! Fall is my favorite! Happy!

The house smells great! I lit FIVE candles that smell like Pumpkin Spice! :) (Maybe I went a little overboard but I love the way they smell!) Happy!

Addison seems to know that her daddy is home this weekend she is moving a little more than normal! :) Happy!

I cannot wait for the leaves to change colors!! :) Happy (in anticipation)! :)

Have a Happy Saturday! 


  1. Stopping by from Happy List Link up.

    I really want to step foot in your house just to see the newly waxed floors and smell the pumpkin! Sounds so nice!

  2. mmm pumpkin spice!! yay for cute kitchens and hubby being home. HAPPY!!!

    My Happy List is moving to Tuesdays starting October 11. I REALLY hope you will continue to play. i also hope more people will join in too...did you see the cute NEW button? LOVE!!