Friday, September 30, 2011

Another One of "Those Days"

So, not that you are all that interested in our finances but Tommy's check was supposed to be in the bank today (direct deposit) and it isn't! That means we wont get it until Monday or Tuesday (sent via snail mail)! We needed that for some things this weekend! :( I am not a happy camper at the moment! However, I will continue to harass the bank website up until I have no choice to accept it is NOT going through today.

Onto other subjects of a happier note! I have decided to only take two classes this semester instead of four. Why, you may ask? For two reasons: 1) being that if little Miss Addison comes early that is less stress on me about finals, 2) the internet we have is not designed for loading videos the way I would with one of my classes. The classes I have chosen to keep are really simple classes (for myself anyway), health and Spanish. 

I have come up with a birth plan and started getting things ready to go to the hospital. Yes, I know its early but with Tommy gone all day every day Sunday through Friday for the next (now) three weeks I have to have something to keep myself occupied! There is only so much cleaning I can do in this tiny house. I do have a little project I can do today as long as it doesn't take too long! :) 

I think I am going to slowly let Rocky back into the house. It will drive my grandmother crazy but he is NOT an outside dog and I am NOT gonna pretend otherwise. It is not fair that he has to be kept on a chain from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed. He is not a bad dog and he doesn't shed too much and I need to work with him on getting used to the idea of a baby in the family. I can't do that if he is outside constantly (which he will NOT be once it starts getting colder). I don't really like the fact that Kitty has to stay outside but she is much better equipped for the job (lots of fur to keep her warm) and she sheds like CRAZY! Tommy jokes that she could survive an Arctic Blizzard. Not really but she will be fine here in GA! 

My new insurance is supposed to go into effect tomorrow! I am not really sure if I am excited or not. I really need to talk to the insurance company and find out what is covered and what isn't. (On my insurance now I am completely covered but baby is not) I can't talk to them yet because until it goes into effect we are not in the system so I have to wait. It seems like I am doing a bunch of waiting and not much else. How annoying!

Well hunger calls me to the kitchen! Hope you have a Happy Friday! :)

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