Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Again

My classes started today! :) I am pretty excited about going back to school! I have done most everything that was assigned for the week! I only have a few things left to do! I feel so productive!

I must vent for a moment, please excuse me.
I love my grandma, I really do. I also greatly appreciate everything she has done for Tommy and myself. However, she is getting on my nerves! She acts like Tommy is there to be her own personal slave! And newsflash, he is NOT! She also expects for us to just do things that 'need' to be done. We are not mind readers, if you want something done you have to speak up! What is really annoying is that before her husband died we had the very same conversation with him! He expected me to just do things the he felt needed to be done, but wouldn't say anything! We told him that it can't be done or wouldn't get done unless he spoke up. Well common sense tells you that the same thing applies to everyone, right? On top of the fact that she is a habitual liar. She will tell me something and when she thinks I'm not listening or paying attention she tells someone something else. She does not care about anyone but herself. She is one of the most self-centered people I know, and I know a LOT of self-centered people.
My step-dad is so mean! He a 100x worse than Oscar the Grouch! I feel so sorry for my younger siblings and my mom. I thought he was just like that to me but being here today after the kids got home from school I can see that nothing has changed. He yelled at me because I didn't use a paper plate, he is yelling at my brother because he cannot focus (he has ADHD and they are trying him on new medicine-which is not working) and my youngest sister for nothing really. (The lucky one is at work) My mom has been thinking that things have changed in the past few months because the kids have stopped complaining about it and here I am to burst her bubble. I feel so bad now! I wish there was something I could do. She has tried over and over again to get him to change and stop, she finally thought it might be starting to take hold, but no. I hate to say it but the situation will change (in my opinion) is for her to leave. She and us kids have put up with this for going on 19 years. :( I really hate that because I'm not one who usually votes for divorce because I think its too common in our society as it is but if he isn't willing to even try then she should stop and realize its a lost cause. Staying could do more damage than good. I'm just not sure she knows that or is able to accept it yet.

I hope everyone has a Happy{er} Monday!

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