Monday, November 14, 2011

Long Week Ahead

Isn't it funny how you just get the feeling that this week is going to be long, boring and stressful? Tommy is only off two days this week and it makes for a really long, boring and stressful week. I don't really understand why but it does. I plan on getting my health work done early this week so I can study for my test that I have next week. My Spanish shouldn't be too bad (I already know all this, its just a refresher). I only have about 30 assignments to do by Sunday night so if I break down the work load to five a day, everything will be done a day early and can start on the next weeks assignments. 
The only problem with my plan is that it means this week is my grandmother's short week (she only works two days). She is constantly trying to get me to talk to her while I am trying to do school work, and gets mad when I don't. Sorry, but I am more focused on my school work than a conversation that can be had later when I am done. She bought a storage building a few weeks ago and they are supposed to deliver it today. Which is a good thing in a way because it means that we can finally get all the stuff out of the dining room and actually use it as a dining room. However, it has to be painted and set up by Thanksgiving. Apparently, it is my job to pick out the paint and decorate the room. My only issue with that is I have decorated this entire house and she has went behind my back and changed almost everything because she doesn't like it. I understand we have different tastes but don't ask me to do something then go and change it when I'm not around. That really p*sses me off. For example, Tommy and I have a really nice coffee pot that we had set up since we moved in and we have been using it since then. Well, the other day she decided that our coffee pot wasn't good enough anymore so she goes and buys her own. We do not need two coffee pots, what am I supposed to do with ours? We have a very tiny kitchen and no room for extra stuff. Grrrrrr. 
Thanksgiving is going to be h*ll on earth and I am NOT looking forward to it. My grandmother normally does Thanksgiving dinner (lunch really) and this year she doesn't want to do it because (like every other year) people have other places to be at basically the same time (because no one will change the time they do dinner). Now that I have made plans to be elsewhere later that night she has upped and changed her time to that one. (Its my grandpa's- her ex; GO FIGURE). On top of all that I still have no clue what time my dad's side of the family is doing anything or when any of Tommy's family is doing anything. I think I am going to fall ill come Thanksgiving day and be unable to make it out of my bed for anything, except to pee. 
Tommy and I have already talked about Christmas (because of all this nonsense) and have decided that if I have Addison before Christmas we aren't going anywhere, especially on Christmas day. She will be too little to remember it and she can get sick to easily (plus its a load of stress off mommy and daddy!) :) Is that bad? 
I am not even really looking forward to my doctor's appointment this week because I have to do the Group B Strep Test. :( I'm ok with Tommy seeing me- he thinks my stretch marks are cute (and its only because we agreed to call them love lines- it makes me smile instead of cringe)- but I cannot stand to be seen by anyone else. I know its perfectly normal, but my sisters did me in on them really early, before I was able to become comfortable with them. Both of them are rude and don't care if what they say hurts your feelings, they are going to say it anyway. Anyway they have both basically said I'm ugly because of them and it really hurt. What makes it really bad is even though I am almost nine months pregnant they are still saying things about them! It took Tommy a while but I am now ok with walking around the house with my shirt pulled over my stomach or just a bra on (it makes it easier to scratch!). I cannot stand for someone else to try and look at my stomach, especially for someone to touch it. That drives me crazy. I do not want anyone (even family) to touch my stomach, unless its Tommy. He can rub it and kiss it and lay his head on it and talk to her, but if anyone else tries to poke it I want to scream. The worst culprit? The very same sister who said something to begin with. Messed up, huh?

Happy Monday!

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  1. I don't think it's crazy to want to hide for the holidays--we'd do the same thing if we could get away with it. And the first Christmas for each of our boys happened at our house. If you don't make that kind of stand early on, you get steamrollered later.
    Hope you have a good holiday and that this week goes by quickly!