Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Week

Is looking pretty boring until Trina, Brandon, Breanna and Brooke get here! They are always loads of fun when they get here!

I am hoping to sell some of my jewelry to help out with the paint for Addison's room (and if there is any left over who knows what else!)! I am thinking of having a yard sale, selling any and everything we don't need! Including old prom dresses! Heck, I'd even put Tommy's Civic in the yard sale too (as long as we get at least $1,500)! We have lots that could go but I don't know if it would bring anything or not! We'll have to see I suppose!

We need to make a trip to the grocery store this week! Ugh! That is one of my least favorite places! I love to shop but I do not like to grocery shop! I wonder why that is? Anyone else like that?

I think that is my cue to get off of here so we can go home! Have a good weekend! :)

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