Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess . . .
I am super excited we are having a girl.
More so than I thought I would be.
:) Good thing, huh?

I confess . . .
I am going crazy with planning her nursery.
I know what I want,
Its just getting it done . . .

I confess . . .
Tommy isn't much fun helping plan.
He is worried about the money.
But I know it will come together and be great!

I confess . . .
She is all I think about.
And all I talk about.

I confess . . .
I think it gets on peoples nerves.
But I don't care.
I am excited!

I confess . . .
I am conflicted.
I have the opportunity to work this fall.
But then I wouldn't be able to be a stay at home mom.

I confess . . .
I don't know what to do.
This makes me sad.

I confess . . .
I think she will be very spoiled.
Not just by her parents.
But by everyone!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay for having a baby girl! How exciting =)

    I'm sure people love hearing about it - & if they're sick of it, that's their problem!

  2. Aww that's really exciting! I'd be super happy too. That's a tough one...the extra money would be good, but not being home with your little one would be rough. Is there an opp for you to work part time? Most moms I know like working just a few days a week for extra money and still getting to be home with the babe most days.

  3. No I would be working as a para pro at the school.