Tuesday, June 7, 2011

About Time!

I finally got the weekly pics up on the Baby Website! :) Go me! Lol. I also put my vacation pics from 2009 up on facebook. Yes, I am a serious procrastinatior (or however its spelled). I am working on uploading all the pics from my camera to make room. I had 200 vacation pics alone. I also have my little sister's 5th birthday party and my other sister's Honor's Night pics (from her freshman year) on there, among other pics. I am super excited though to finally get them up where everyone can enjoy them and not just myself. The really hard (and long) part is going to be tagging. I don't think its gonna get done today or anytime soon. I will probable just do a few here and there. Oh, I almost forgot! I did finally get my jewelry pics (and prices) up! I have done a lot today! So proud of myself! You ever have one of those days?
Twelve weeks tomorrow! Exciting! But I'll have to go back to work tomorrow. :( BOO!! Lol. I have really enjoyed not working, I get a lot more done. And get to spend time with my wonderful dogs and husband (when he is not working). I am hoping that we can get Tommy on somewhere a little more steady and I will just up and quit my job soon after.
Not quite done with moving. :( I don't really enjoy the process. I do love the new house and will love to be there when we get settled. Its the getting settled part that stinks. After packing all our stuff and moving it, now we have to unpack it. Oh well, there are things in life that are so much worse!
I think I am going to have a baked potato for a snack! That sounds really good! :)

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