Monday, May 2, 2011

Its been a while, I know . . .

Sorry its been so long, a lot has gone on! The main thing is that I'm pregnant! So excited! Tommy and I have decided to do the nursery in Cat In The Hat! Can't wait! We are also moving which is wonderful because now Baby will have a better environment to be in! And we actually have room for a nursery! Tomorrow is the first ultrasound! Really cant wait for it!!! But at the same time I'm sad because Tommy has to work and can't go :( I am hoping that my mom will record the heartbeat for him and I will let him see the pics before anyone else! Basically all I have done today is the Baby Registry at Babies R US. There is a ton of stuff on that thing and the really sad part is I don't think I have everything! I'll have my mom help me with it later (reason being she had four so I'm pretty sure she can tell me whats bull and whats essential). Bought my first set of maternity shorts the other day and I LOVE those things! They are so comfortable! I think I will always wear those things! If nothing other than to get my money's worth bc they were kinda expensive (but 45% off!). MS (morning sickness) sucks! Just in case you didn't know! But Preggie Pops (Babies R US) are wonderful, sorta. They seem to help but everything is sour, I'm not much of a sour person. However, as long as they work I will continue to use them! Off to look at more baby stuff! I'll tell you all about the ultrasound tomorrow!

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