Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About Time

Ok, so I really need to get on here more! I miss blogging! 
This Friday Addison will be 3 months old! OMG time flies by! She is trying so hard to laugh. She'll coo and sometimes squeal but hasn't quite got the laughing part down yet. It's still cute! 
Friday Tommy and I are going out on a date for the first time in forever! I am kinda excited, but I have NO clue what to wear. Its just dinner and a movie- not even a romantic one (Act of Valor) so I wont need anything too dressy but it would be nice to dress up a little for a change. :)
I applied for a few jobs in the school system yesterday. So obviously I am thinking of  going back to work. I want to for a few reasons. The main one being I want to get the heck out of my grandmother's house. I love her to death but I cannot stand to live here much longer. Living with anyone is hard and some people are much harder to live with than others. I have almost considered moving out of state if we could find jobs but at the same time I don't want to move Addison away from family that loves her unless there is no other choice.
Tommy said the other day that he has considered going back into the military but I don't think he means it. He feels so shafted from the way they did him last time I can't really blame him. At the same time I think that could possibly be one of the best decisions we could make. Idk. I don't want to make a decision now that we will regret in the future because we are so anxious to get our own place. 
I have worked out for the past two days (hard) and it feels great. I already feel like I have more energy and more motivation. :) Its days like today though that make it hard. Days where I don't have anyone I trust to watch Addison for me. I'll find a way though. I am not going to stop because I need to do this for me and for her. I need to live a healthier lifestyle so she will when she is older. 
Time to get off here but I will return! :)

Happy Wednesday! 

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