Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Shower . . . Game??

Ok, my baby shower is next Saturday (OMG its a week away), and my sister and I have been racking our brains to try and come up with a few games. She wants to do charades, "How Big Do You Think Mommy's Tummy Is?" and the game where two words are off limits (the whole time no matter what) and if you say those words whoever catches you gets your clothespin (its a great ice-breaker!). I am good with those games but I also wanted to do a quiz. Instead of doing the normal quizzes I came up with my own. Its all based on updated safety standards and such. I have a few concerns and rather than single people out I hope the quiz will be fun, entertaining and educational. 
Do you think it will be a good or bad idea??? 
Here is the quiz, any advice is welcome! :)

Safety Quiz:
Question 1: If a child is choking on something lodged in their throat you should try to get the object out by scooping it out with your finger. 
Answer: False - If baby is coughing or gagging do not try to get the object out, coughing is the most effective way to dislodge the object. If baby is not coughing or gagging place baby face down on your forearm and with your free had give baby four to five back blows with the heel of your hand. Call 911 if two minutes pass and the object had not dislodged from the throat. 

Question 2: Since 1995 pediatricians have been seeking a ban on the manufacture and sale of ___ because infants can be seriously injured or killed, plus they may cause walking delays.
Mobile infant walkers

Question 3: 30 years ago, the CDC began warning about an association between Reye’s syndrome and the use of baby ___ to treat kids with chicken pox and the flu.
Answer: Aspirin 

Question 4: Babies should always be put to sleep on their __ to help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and suffocation. Doctors also stress removing soft bedding and toys for the same reason.

Question 5: Experts advise against giving babies solid foods before the age of __ months.


Question 6: It is estimated that nearly __ out of four people use car seats incorrectly. Experts strongly advise against second-hand or previously used car seats because they can be out dated and  you have the manual on a new seat to know how to use it correctly and your new seat can be registered that way if it is ever recalled you will be contacted.

Question 7: __ is the best way to reduce allergy risks in babies and the most beneficial way for baby to get its nutrients. 

Question 8: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) no longer recommends OTC cold and cough medications for kids younger than the age __.

Question 9: __are so vital parents should plan their entire day around them. 

Question 10: If baby fusses after being asleep  for a few minutes, or even half an hour don’t run right in to rescue her from her catnap. 

True - Baby will usually fall back asleep, if not the crying will esclate letting you know to go check on them.

Question 11: It is ok to help your baby to get to sleep by putting them in the car seat or stroller and going for a walk or letting baby nurse throughout the nap. 

Question 12: Third-hand smoke is safe even for babies.
False - Nonsmokers can inhale the toxins that linger in a smoker’s hari and clothes until they shower and change. Babies are smaller and breathe faster, so they take in more of the chemicals relative to their size. Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and ear infections putting an infant at a much higher risk of SIDS.

Question 13: SPF measures a sunscreen’s ability to protect from  
UVB rays - It is important to protect against UVA rays as well. In order to make sure baby has adequate protection go for labels with broad spectrum or UVA-UVB protection.  Look for UVA-fighting ingredients such as zinc oxide, avobenzone, and ecamsule. 

Question 14: Good sunscreen is all you need to shield baby.
Answer: False - Some damaging UV light will still sneak through so its best to play outside in the early A.M. or late afternoon with a wide brimmed hat and UV-shielding shades. 

Question 15: The number on the sunscreen should be at least __.

SPF 30 - Anything below is not enough and anything over 30-45 will tempt you to stay out longer and only offer scant added protection. 

Question 16: Sprays are better for covering baby than lotions. 
Answer: False - Sprays don’t spritz on enough and tend to miss spots. 

Question 17: How long before going outside should you put sunscreen on baby?
30 minutes - It can take up to 30 minutes for skin to fully absorb sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours and after every trip in the water. 

Question 18: Babies need to eat when they are hungry, even if its been three hours. 
True - Baby will give mommy hunger cues before starting to cry letting her know it is time to feed again. 

Question 19: The AAP advises parents to keep toddlers’ car seats rear-facing until the age __.
Answer: 2 - Or until they reach the car seat’s rear-facing height/weight limit. Children under the age 2 are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured in a car crash if they are facing the rear.

Question 20: Is it safe to use a breast pump from a friend?

Answer: No - Parts of single-user pumps cannot be disinfected like hospital grade rental pumps which are designed for multiple users. 

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